Intraday Requests
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Intraday Access Requests

The Web APIs have the ability to expose a finer granularity of data collected throughout the day. This collection of data is called Intraday data. Intraday data is available through the Activities and Heart Rate Time Series endpoints. Intraday support can extend the detail-level response to include 1min and 15min for Activity, and 1sec and 1min for Heart Rate. A Fitbit user’s personal Intraday data is automatically available through the “Personal” application type. You do not need to submit a request.

3rd-party developers who want access to retrieve other Fitbit users’ Intraday data through the “Client” or “Server” application type is granted on a case-by-case basis. Applications must demonstrate necessity to create a great user experience. Fitbit is very supportive of non-profit research and personal projects. Commercial applications require thorough review and are subject to additional requirements. Only select applications are granted access and Fitbit reserves the right to limit this access. 3rd-party developers who require intraday access should submit a request by filling out the following form:

Contact Name (first and surname) Email If you've registered an application on, please provide your OAuth2 Client ID. Is your application a personal, academic research or commercially-backed project? Will you be distributing your application? If so, how and to how many people? Will you be monetizing this application? How will your application utilize the Fitbit API and the intraday data? Will your application display any of the intraday data? If so, please provide a description of how you'll be doing this.