Debugging Disabled Subscribers

Your subscriber is disabled if it fails to respond properly to requests from the Fitbit Subscriptions API for an extended period of time. View the request logs of the Fitbit Subscriptions API for your subscriber by going to your application settings page and click the 'details' link beside your subscriber.

Subscriber Settings

Runscope Traffic Inspector is a debugging tool that is easy to use and quick in measuring performance and usage of your Fitbit Subscriptions API implementation. Runscope works by sitting between your application and the rest of the world. When someone makes a request to your Runscope Traffic Inspector URL, the request is logged and forwarded to your application. When your application responds to the request, the response is also logged and returned to the requester. This allows you to inspect all requests made to a specific endpoint in your application.

Fitbit recommends using Runscope Traffic Inspector with the Fitbit Subscriptions API. Runscope keeps a log of all Subscriptions API notifications that Fitbit sends to your application, as well as how your application responded.

Setting up Runscope Traffic Inspector

Perform the following steps to set up Runscope Traffic Inspector:

  1. Sign up for a Runscope account. Fitbit API users can get the Runscope Standard plan for free!
  2. Go to your Fitbit application's settings page. Click on your application. Click "Edit Application Settings". Copy your subscriber’s URL. (Using the 'JSON body' subscriber type will allow Runscope to display the contents of each subscription notification. This is recommended instead of the JSON or XML file request type.)
  3. Create a Runscope URL by going to and pasting your application's subscriber URL. Hit return.
  4. Copy your new Runscope URL and paste it into your Fitbit application’s settings to replace your subscriber URL. Click save.
  5. Within a few minutes, your application will begin receiving subscription notifications via your Runscope URL. These notifications will appear in Runscope with your application’s responses to the notifications.

The volume of requests from the Fitbit Subscriptions API can be significant. Be aware of the number of requests your Runscope plan allows.


Fitbit is not responsible for your use of Runscope.