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Web API Reference


Fitbit provides a Web API for accessing data from Fitbit activity trackers, Aria scale, and manually entered logs. Anyone can develop an application to access and modify a Fitbit user's data on their behalf, so long as it complies with Fitbit Platform Terms of Service.

Quick Start

  1. Review the basics about how the Fitbit Web API works.

  2. Register your application to get API client credentials. You will need a Fitbit account (free) to register an app.

  3. Implement an OAuth 2.0 authorization flow to allow people to give your app permission to access data on their behalf.

  4. Make HTTP requests to access data. The different types of data available via the Web API are listed in the navigation. You can also try the API Explorer.

  5. If you have a server app and want to be notified when people have new data available, implement the Subscriptions API.

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