Fitbit App Gallery Guidelines

Fitbit encourages developers to create original content that will delight users and help them achieve their fitness goals. Apps and clock faces (“Apps”) that you create can be submitted for use on the Fitbit platform. To share your creations in the Fitbit App Gallery, you may submit your Apps for review.

All Apps, whether submitted privately or submitted for public availability through the App Gallery, should follow the guidelines below in order to protect our users, you, and Fitbit. These guidelines may change over time.

Apps that are submitted for publication to all users are subject to review by Fitbit--approval of your App is at Fitbit’s sole discretion, but if your App is not approved Fitbit will provide an explanation to you. Fitbit reserves the right to remove or suspend any App from the Fitbit platform, including Apps that are not shared publicly. You and your App must comply with the Fitbit Platform Terms of Service and Fitbit App Distribution Agreement, which include the terms under which you can access Fitbit’s developer tools and APIs, distribute your App on Fitbit products, and use of data from Fitbit and Fitbit users. If we have to suspend or remove one of your Apps on multiple occasions, we may prohibit you from further developing for Fitbit products.

Your Content

Intellectual Property

Fitbit Trademarks and Brand Assets

Explicit or Abusive Content

Violence and Bullying

Prohibited Content

Impersonation or Deceptive Behaviour

Illegal Activities


Personal and Confidential Information:

Children’s Products

Health and Medical

Dangerous or Harmful Products


Technical Requirements

Your App may not:

Design and UX Requirements

Description and Support

When submitting your App to the Fitbit App Gallery, you should:

Fitbit Requirements

After you sign up as a developer, we may use your Fitbit email address to contact you, and you should respond to a request from Fitbit’s team within 3 business days.

You authorize Fitbit to use the name and screen captures of your App to promote Fitbit products, the App Gallery, and your Apps.


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