Getting Started


The Fitbit Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to quickly create apps and clock faces for Fitbit devices.

In order to develop applications using the Fitbit SDK, it's helpful to understand some of the platform specific terminology used within this website. We have provided a Glossary for your reference.

To learn more about the architecture of a Fitbit application, please read the Application Architecture guide.

Fitbit Ionic™ is currently the only device compatible with applications created with the Fitbit SDK.

Before You Begin

You'll need the following prerequisites before you begin developing apps or clock faces with the Fitbit SDK:

Creating Your First Project

1. Setup

Login to Fitbit Studio, and ensure your phone is running the latest Fitbit mobile app, and is paired with your Fitbit Ionic.

You must be logged into Fitbit Studio with the same Fitbit account that you're using on your mobile device.

2. Create a New Project

  1. Click + New Project.
  2. Give your project a Name.
  3. Select the Starter project.
  4. Then click Create.

The starter project contains a minimal app that displays some text on the screen.

3. Installing

We're now almost ready to build and install the application on our device.

Before we can install, we need to enable the Developer Bridge on our device, and within the Fitbit mobile app.

  1. Device > Settings > Developer Bridge
  2. Mobile App > Account > Ionic > Developer Menu

The first connection attempt can take up to 20 seconds before it's fully established, but subsequent attempts are instantaneous.

Once your devices are connected to the developer bridge, you need to select them within the toolbar of Fitbit Studio.

Once both devices are shown with green indicators, you can click the Run button to build and install your project.

If you followed the steps correctly, you should see the following on your device:


If your Fitbit device is unable to connect to the developer bridge, ensure that wifi is configured correctly, and that you are using the correct Fitbit user account on your mobile device and in your browser.

If you're receiving errors during the build process, try creating a new project, then following these steps again.

If you're still struggling you can seek help within our developer community.

Next Steps!

Congratulations on completing your first Fitbit application! Now head on over to our tutorials, guides and reference documentation to learn more. And for information on what content is acceptable in the Fitbit App Gallery, please review the Fitbit App Gallery Guidelines.