Design Guidelines
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Design Guidelines


Design clocks and apps for Fitbit with our system of visual styles and interactive components that are simple to use or modify.

Our Fitbit OS guidelines teach you how to best apply our available styles and components to create experiences that are accessible, clear, and consistent for users.


The guidelines include four sections:

  1. Create a Blueprint for your clock face or app, considering how to organize information for users.

  2. Use Visual Styles to unify layout and visual treatments.

  3. Understand UI Components to design for and modify our system of prebuilt patterns.

  4. Download our Sketch files and assets to prototype your designs.


When considering what apps and clock faces you might create, keep these principles in mind:

  • Glanceable: When designing for small screens on the wrist, you have seconds, not minutes, to communicate with users.

  • Concise: Fitbit apps should have lightweight interactions on the device and leave complex configuration to a settings page on the mobile app.

  • Conversational and human: Use common words and expressions for labels and actions.

  • Forgiving: Minimize potential errors given the device is worn on the wrist and has small touch targets.