User Interface Guide
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User Interface Guide

Here are the basic building blocks of a Fitbit app and how they fit together.

The Fitbit SDK features a powerful rendering engine so you can quickly create beautiful user interfaces, and interact with them programmatically. Three core technologies — SVG, CSS and JavaScript — provide structure, presentation and behavior to the user interface of a Fitbit application. This approach will be familiar to anyone with web development experience using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.The following guides cover each technology in detail:

SVG Guide

Learn how the user interface in a Fitbit app is described in SVG .gui files

JavaScript Guide

Learn how the app logic written in JavaScript (.js) files can interact with the user interface

SVG Components Guide

Learn how predefined components simplify the development process and enable rich user interfaces

CSS Guide

Control the appearance of elements in the user interface with stylesheets written in CSS

Animations Guide

Learn how to use the Fitbit rendering engine to animate user interface elements

We recommend reviewing the Application Architecture Guide to familiarize yourself with some of the key concepts related to Fitbit applications.