SVG Components Guide
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SVG Components Guide

In addition to the standard SVG elements provided, there are a number of predefined SVG components to simplify the development process, and to allow developers to create rich user interfaces.

These components work in a similar way to Template Symbols, but in addition to referencing the symbol with a <use>, they must first be imported within the widget.defs file.

It is important to note that due to the architecture of the components import system, multiple .defs files may need to be imported to enable the use of a specific component. The documentation below will specify which .defs files to import for each component. If two components require the same imports, you don't need to import same the .defs file twice.


Different button types which will help you create interactions with the user.


These components provide advanced text layouts with minimal effort.


Different view types means different possibilities: which one will you use?


Any other components that don't fit in the previous categories.