Troubleshooting Guide
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Troubleshooting Guide

The Troubleshooting Guide is intended to assist you with debugging common problems developers experience while using the Fitbit Web APIs.

This guide provides the following resources,

  • Error Handling explains how to interpret the status codes returned by the endpoints, and the types of errors your application could receive.
  • HTTP Status Codes lists all of the status codes returned by the Fitbit Web APIs and any recommendations we have to help you resolve the error returned.
  • Common Solutions provides information about common problems reported to the support team and how to resolve them.
  • Debugging Tools makes some tools available to you for verifying your authorization flow or test the endpoints outside of your application. These are the same tools the Fitbit API Developer Support team uses.

Getting help

If the information in the Troubleshooting Guide doesn't help, please contact the Fitbit API Developer Support team for assistance. We're available at

  • Web API Community Forum for questions and problems not related to sensitive data, or;
  • Web API Support for problems where sensitive data may need to be provided to troubleshoot the problem.

Fitbit Status is available to notify you when we plan maintenance to our data services that could impact your application, or if we are aware of a current problem with the Fitbit data services. If your application is receiving 5xx errors, Fitbit Status is a good place to check first. Subscribing to Fitbit Status will notify you via email when we update the page.