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Fitbit Web API Developer Guide

Fitbit provides a set of public Web APIs allowing developers the ability to retrieve Fitbit user data collected by the Fitbit trackers & smartwatches, Aria & Aria 2 scales, and manually entered log data. Anyone may use the Web APIs to build integrations with the Fitbit data services, so long as their application complies with the Fitbit Platform Terms of Service and the Fitbit user consents to share their data with the developer’s application. Here are some resources to help you get started.

Resources Available

The following resources have been made available to help developers get started with incorporating the Fitbit Web APIs into their application.

Getting Started Guide
API Endpoint Guide
OAuth 2.0 libraries and Sample Code
Troubleshooting Guide

API Support

  • Forums - questions supported by Fitbit and the developer community
  • Web form - questions containing sensitive data that require one-on-one support