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Fitbit Web API Developer Guide

The Fitbit Web API Developer Guide is intended to help a developer get started using the the Web API, along with providing additional content on implementing the endpoints. Anyone may use the Web API to build integrations with the Fitbit data services, so long as their application complies with:

This guide provides the following resources,

  • Getting Started explains how to create a Fitbit developer account and register an application.
  • Authorization steps you through implementing the Authorization Code Grant Flow with PKCE; the recommended authorization flow for requesting access to Fitbit user data.
  • Application Design contains various topics to consider when building your application, such as data types, headers, localization, the rate limit, etc.
  • Using Subscriptions explains the importance of webhooks and the best practices for implementing them in your solution.
  • Best Practices contains suggestions from the support and engineering teams on concepts requested by the developer community.
  • Libraries and Sample Code provides a list of OAuth2 libraries and sample code our developer community found and has successfully used.

If you have problems using the Web APIs, check out the Troubleshooting Guide for a solution before contacting the Web API Developer Support team.