Getting Help
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Let's go far, together!

Fitbit wants to help you successfully integrate its Web API. Several support options are available.

  • The forum is the best place to get help from actual Fitbit Web API engineers and other third-party developers.

  • The status page reports recent issues affecting Fitbit services. If you are having problems connecting with Fitbit, then check the Fitbit Status page first.

  • Private support is available through the contact form below if you have an issue that involves a specific user account or sensitive data. Please use the forum for questions or issues that do not involve sensitive information. If you're requesting intraday data access, please include the client ID of the app you registered on and provide details on how the data will be used.

Debugging with Runscope

Your applications can be complex. It is often not clear why your app is not behaving as expected. The fastest way to understand why a Web API request is failing is to look at the actual HTTP request and response. Runscope is the best tool for doing this and you can get the standard plan free here.