Congratulations, #Made4Fitbit App Challenge Winners!
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Congratulations, #Made4Fitbit App Challenge Winners!

After reviewing a jam-packed field of worthy entries, our judges put each app through its paces and picked the cream of the crop. We're happy to announce the best entries from our first-ever #Made4Fitbit App Challenge, crown a grand champ, and award some prizes!

The App Challenge invited developers to compete in three categories: Health + Wellness, Sports + Fitness, and Transportation + Local. The categories showcase Fitbit Ionic's strengths as a premier health and fitness device with smart features bundled in to help people get things done.

Fitbit Ionic users can enjoy all the apps below today.* Visit the Fitbit App Gallery on your Fitbit mobile app, or visit the download links provided from a mobile browser.

Health + Wellness

1st Place: Water Logged by Tyler Leonhardt

Log your water consumption throughout the day as you progress towards your hydration goal---upon syncing, all your data is added to your Fitbit account. From the judges: "Still the most useful/flexible app from the developer water-tracking collection."
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2nd Place: Jacadi by Grégoire

Stay sharp with a perfect watch game---brief, easy to learn, yet challenging. Concentrate on the pattern of lights, then repeat the pattern by tapping the screen. As you succeed, the series of lights will become progressively longer and more complex. The top score on the screen is your current score, while the bottom score indicates your high score. From the judges: Lots of fun! Our best score is 19. Need to get better short-term memory. Beautiful app.
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3rd Place: Pill Tracker by ABC

This very simple app does one thing, but does it well: It helps you remember when you took your last pill. Track up to three different medications simultaneously. From the judges: Good flow for adding medications and the interface works smoothly.
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Sport + Fitness

1st Place: Cadence Coach by Marcus Medley

Train yourself to run at an optimal cadence with this app. Running with the proper cadence can help reduce over-striding and decrease the impact on your muscles and bones, which may minimize the risk of injury. From the judges: UI/UX looks great. It's easy to understand and provides good feedback.
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2nd Place: Run Goal by Ken Caron

Enjoy an at-a-glance running companion. With this app you can set a weekly running goal and see what your average heart rate and cadence was during your most recently synced run. From the judges: Nice app---really easy to follow along and check progress!
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3rd Place: MySwimPro by MySwimPro

Take your training to the next level by swimming smarter with your Fitbit Ionic. Enjoy guided workouts, view your heart rate, get push-off reminders, and more. From the judges: We like the guided swim exercises and nice, simple interface.
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Transportation + Local

1st Place: SaltyDog by che-effe

Water sports like sailing and kiteboarding will be more fun with this Fitbit app. It shows seafarers their speed in knots and current compass heading. From the judges: The features make sense, the app works offline, and it doesn't over-promise.
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2nd Place: tallyCounter by dragonBTV

Keep count of anything under the sun with this simple tally counter. From the judges: Useful utility. Quite customizable, good instructions.
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3rd Place: CVS Card by dragonBTV

Keep your CVS card conveniently saved on your wrist. Simply flash the app when it's time to scan. From the judges: Interesting use-case. Good instructions and it keeps the backlight on for reliable scanning.
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App Grand Champ: HIIT by dragonBTV

Fans of high-intensity interval training will love this guided program and training timer. Cycle through the exercises you want to perform, specify your sets and repetitions, and you're off and running (and jumping and pumping)! From the judges: It gives great feedback with the vibration and colors for how intense you're working---very configurable.
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All 100+ contestants who submitted an eligible app will receive a #Made4Fitbit t-shirt. We're also proud to award the winning developers with an amazing slate of prizes:

App Grand Champ

1st Place in App Category

  • Boosted Board 2 electric skateboard
  • $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • Fitbit Ionic smartwatch
  • Fitbit Aria 2 scale
  • Fitbit Flyer headphones
  • One year of Fitbit Coach

2nd Place in App Category

  • $300 Parachute Home Gift Card
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • One year of Fitbit Coach

3rd Place in App Category

  • $150 Blue Apron Gift Card
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • One year of Fitbit Coach

Until Next Time

Thanks to all who entered our first app challenge, and congratulations to the winners! Stay tuned for future app challenges, available to more developers around the world. Follow @fitbitdev on Twitter and join our Fitbit Community Forum. Curious to see the amazing work Fitbit Developers have done so far? Keep tabs on the #Made4Fitbit Twitter hashtag.

*All apps have been created by third-party developers for the Fitbit OS platform. App information in this post has been sourced from the Fitbit App Gallery descriptions provided by the app developer and edited for clarity.