Developer Preview 1 - Fitbit OS 1.1 BETA
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Fitbit OS 1.1 BETA - Developer Preview 1

Release Notes - Sep 26th 2017

We are excited to announce the first public release of the Fitbit OS 1.1 BETA firmware and SDK.

Known Issues


  • App permissions are not enforced yet (all apps have all permissions).
  • Ionic does not reconnect automatically when switching project in Fitbit Studio.
  • Require-ing a non-existent module may cause the watch to restart.
  • Gyroscope returns null values.
  • Some of the SVG APIs are incomplete.

The following APIs are currently unavailable:

  • CBOR
  • Power
  • DeviceInfo


  • App permissions are not enforced yet (all companions have all permissions).
  • The user locale is not currently exposed to the Companion.


  • launchReason.wokenUp field is not populated when woken.
  • Fetch fails when communicating with remote non-HTTPS servers.
  • Peer App APIs is not available yet.
  • (BUG) Installing an app may not immediately add it to the list of installed apps in the Developer Menu.
  • (BUG) Removing an app may not immediately remove it from the list of installed apps in the Developer Menu.
  • (BUG) For some values of wake interval, the APIs will wake up the companion every 5 minutes instead of the defined value.
  • Companion logs are not available yet in developer menu (they are sent to Fitbit Studio)
  • Calling fetch() on a non HTTPS server will cause an error (because of ATS restrictions on iOS). Developers need to host web resources behind HTTPS servers.


  • (BUG) Under some conditions, the companion can be deleted by the mobile app and will need to be re-installed.

Developer Portal

  • Side navigation sometimes goes haywire.
  • Tutorials need adding.
  • More components need documenting.

We Want Your Feedback!

We expect that our eager developer community will identify issues, bugs, edge cases, and also have requests for additional features or functionality.

All feedback should be reported via the SDK Development community forum.