Wake-interval API
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Wake-interval API

Interface: Companion

The Companion interface provides information about the running companion application, access to permissions, environment information and oAuth access tokens.



((this: Companion, event: Event) => any) or undefined

Triggered if the wakeInterval elapses while the companion is still running.


number or undefined

The interval, specified in milliseconds, after which the runtime will try to wake up/(re)launch the companion, or undefined (default) if the companion should not be woken up automatically.

This value is a mere guidance to the runtime, not a guarantee to be woken up.

Setting it to 0 or null has the same effect as setting it to undefined - however this property will never be set to those values by the system.

A range error will occur if this property is set to a value that is negative, infinite, or below 5 minutes (300,000 milliseconds), in which case the property value won't be changed.