Haptics API
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Haptics API

Variable: vibration

Type: Vibration

The Haptics API allows developers to control the device's vibration motor.

import { vibration } from "haptics";

Interface: Vibration

Functions of the device's vibration motor.



start(pattern: VibrationPatternName)

Returns: boolean

Start a vibration pattern by name.

Available patterns:

  • "alert"
  • "bump"
  • "confirmation"
  • "confirmation-max"
  • "nudge"
  • "nudge-max"
  • "ping"
  • "ring"

Parameter: pattern Name of a vibration pattern to play. See [VibrationPatternName].

Throws: Throws an Error if the name of the pattern is not a valid name.


Returns: void

Stop a playing vibration pattern.

If the vibration motor is currently playing a pattern, it will stop. It the vibration motor is not playing anything, this has no effect.


String: "alert" | "bump" | "confirmation" | "confirmation-max" | "nudge" | "nudge-max" | "ping" | "ring"

List of all available vibration pattern names.